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Planning SessionWe find that your project runs more smoothly and error free when you take advantage of our Discovery Sessions. Most application development efforts result in cost overruns and unexpected costs. This is the result of assuming that the intricacies of an application are understood by the owner, and that the underlying details can be correctly conveyed through User Stories, as the owner understands them.

Not because we fail to build what we set out to build, but because we waste time, money, and effort building the wrong product.” – Ash Maurya

We have found that one of the best initial investments our clients can make is to engage in a whiteboard planning session with a select team of our software architects to get their idea fleshed out, discover how to streamline the application and speed up development.

The professional design team we select for your sessions are senior level developers who are actively engaged in creating web and mobile products every day. So, they are up to date on current practices and processes, and can help you avoid the many pitfalls that are present in underestimating the detail involved in producing a product.

Discovery Session Structure

Happy clientsThis full-day session is facilitated by a member of CabForward’s leadership team who is a deeply experienced senior level developer, a User Interface (UX/UI) Designer who is able to interpret the needs of the end user and estimate the time involved in creating the User Experience Design, a Senior Developer experienced in a variety of development tools, languages, and integration techniques, who is able to estimate the time involved in creating the backend structure and scalability of the application, and a Customer Advocate, often your CabForward℠ Account Manager, who is able to view your application from a non-technical perspective, ask questions to help you clarify why certain functions are desired, and whether they are appropriate for a Minimum Viable Product. Get to market with the right product to ensure success.

Whether you select CabForward to be your development partner, or you just want a clear understanding of what is involved in production of your application to obtain quotes from various developers, our Discovery process will provide you with all the tools you need to manage your project confidently, knowing in advance, the details of the development effort. Just give the information to your selected developer, and watch the magic happen. No worries, no frustration, no stress.

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To learn more about our Discovery Process, and the Discovery Session itself, just follow this link, where you can read more about User Stories, Getting From Whiteboard to Code, Action Plan for the Whiteboard Session, Planning Your Product and much more.

Need design or redesign suggestions for your website? Request a copy of our Sample Design Guide to see how we can help you improve your visitors’ User Experience.

You may also want a copy of our free Startup Handbook, which goes into great detail to help the Startup Entrepreneur broaden their understanding of developing a new business step-by-step with a new product.

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