We Make Beautiful Designs

Beautiful and Rugged

The nature of web and mobile development is a marriage between “front end” and “back end.” The “front end” is what you see on screen; text, pictures and graphics, navigation links, and other data. The “back end” is the programming code that makes it all work. They are two entities that must work together. The “front end” interfaces with the human user and the “back end” interfaces with the machine. It’s sort of like Yin and Yang; complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything in existence has both yin and yang aspects, (for instance shadow cannot exist without light), and either of the aspects may dominate.

Some of the attributes we have come to appreciate in beautiful “front ends,” properly called “User Interface,” are 1) Accessibility – Anyone can access the User Interface, with no limitations, 2) The Interface is Responsive and Flexible, adjusting to the device upon which it is displayed, 3) Intuitive, Polished, Organized, Elegant, 4) It is Simple, Clean, and Concise without unnecessary clutter, 5) Relevant, Intelligent, Predictive – Knows what you probably want to do next, and 6) Performs reliably, Snappy, Quick, and doesn’t make you wait.

We Make Beautiful Designs

What makes all of that possible is the programming code and routines in the background that are called upon when you press or click on a button. The software knows where to look, what to do, where to deliver results, and then gets ready for the next command. Often times it will be designed with a predictive capability that helps it anticipate what you might do next, and stands by, ready to execute upon demand. The “back end” software must also be Rugged to withstand security attacks.

Open source is examined by thousandsBeing rugged is the fabric of our culture and understanding at CabForward‚Ą†. We continue to train our developers to write quality and security into their code as they write it, instead of as thinking of security/ruggedness as a retroactive practice. What that means, is that while you’re enjoying that slick, beautiful, User Interface, our hardened, security tested software is working hard in the background, doing the “grunt” work without even being noticeable to you. Just as it should be.

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