Digital Product


Your product must be useful, beautiful and rugged. We provide branding for digital products by getting to the story at the heart of the product. We are the team with a deep understanding of brand and tech.


Great products are useful and brand forward

We provide a deceptively simple approach to product branding

Small companies have a lot less to spend than the big brands. And yet brand is still the most important thing. We identify your story, solidify your proposition and express your usefulness in interesting and arresting ways.

Why Branding Matters

Because everything starts with brand. What’s your story?

  • 1. Story

    What’s the story behind your brand? What is the WHY behind that pulls your strings every day? How do you make the lives of your customers better?

  • 2. Positioning

    Do you stand out from the crowd? How do your customers find you? How do you know for sure they need you?

  • 3. Usefulness

    The only thing that lives longer than the “Wow” is usefulness. When you express usefulness in a beautiful and rugged way, everyone wins.


What our product partners say about us


Alexis P.

CabForward’s biggest selling point is integrity. It never felt like we were just a job for them. It felt like they really cared. That’s not a common commodity these days.”

Joseph K.

CabForward works iteratively and seamlessly with our internal product team, and are critical to the success of our product and company.

Randall M.

From day one, the CabForward team cared about my brand and product.