Built to be Rugged



(of ground or terrain):
Having a broken, rocky, uneven surface.
“That is a rugged mountain face.”

Synonyms: rough, bumpy, stony, ragged, craggy, uneven, chiseled.

(of a manufactured object, i.e. a machine):
Strongly made and capable of withstanding extra rough use or handling.
“Military gear is built to be rugged in all types of environments.”

Synonyms: strong, tough, sturdy, durable, military grade.

(of toughness and determination):
Able to withstand and recover from physical and mental stress.
“Professional athletes have to be rugged and resilient in mind and body.”

Synonyms: tough, exacting, rigorous, onerous, hardened.

(of computer software):
Secure, Reliable and Maintainable.
“Software has to be rugged to survive and recover from malicious attacks.”
Synonyms: durable, defensive, self-healing, predictive


We practice the Rugged Manifesto here at CabForward℠, and have a pretty good handle on what that means and how it applies to software. When most folks think of “ruggedness” they visualize military or law enforcement gear built to operate in all types of conditions.Take for example, a tactical style flashlight, which is built of machined aluminum, has a tempered glass lens, is waterproof, able to operate well over 200 hours on a single battery charge, has multiple configurable carry options, and is priced under $200! It’s easy to see that ruggedness is built-in right from the initial design.

Rugged flashlight

How can software be rugged? Just like that flashlight, it needs to be designed for ruggedness right from the design stage, and then be able to be kept rugged as conditions change on the web due to TIDE. Change comes quickly today, and when one internet tool is updated it can cause a domino effect that makes other software outdated. That’s one of the reasons it is going to be increasingly important to have a product development partner who can keep your product rugged, up to date, and able to provide what your customers need.

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CabForward believes strongly in writing software that doesn’t suck. We build software to be rugged so that it can continue to operate under real-world difficult conditions. Why? If your app quits working, it is your customer that gets frustrated or upset, and that affects your livelihood.

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