Business Technologists

by PJ Christie

It’s not exactly a new title, but at CabForward℠ we are definitely seeing a trending interest in the use of technology across corporate roles. What role would a Business Technologist play in your organization?

Fundamentally, it would be a shift in the approach to the business problem. We see frequently that technology is implemented and then made to solve a business problem. But we see better results in rugged software development for the enterprise when the solution is driven with an understanding of business needs. Then a custom software approach to solving the problem.

Furthermore, a Business Technologist is able to blend the training and policy requirements to support that software operationally.

Why is it time for your business to bring in the technology experts of CabForward℠?

If back office procedures have not been streamlined to decrease costs and increase efficiencies then you are overdue for a full overview. But typically in 2013, back office operations have been streamlined effectively. It is the sales and marketing team that can benefit most by the extension of your web applications to become customer facing.

The right combination of skills are important to get right. Our focus on Agile and Lean brings maximum learning for the enterprise and transfers that knowledge into effective consulting. But more than just buzzwords, our engagement becomes more meaningful when we apply classic business principles.

And for CabForward℠, the difference in these sales related efforts puts your customer at the center of your technology. We don’t believe your customers want to adapt to your business. But with ‘out of the box’ solutions that is often exactly what they get. Why not provide them with a unified experience that leads to happier engagements? A good business technologist understands that good experiences leads to good customers.

Right here, the intersection of your business and you customer acquisition, is where the greatest efficiencies can still be uncovered. As the cloud brings more flexibility, trust the Business Technology experts at CabForward℠ to leverage our experience.