CabForward℠ Security Story

Pieces of the PuzzleWe all trust software with our daily lives; calendars, reminders, finances, safety, security, social and business communication, shopping, researching, and recreation. We love our applications and the freedom and capabilities they give us.  And, unfortunately, there are those who misuse software to take advantage of others through phishing, scamming, hacking, and other black hat techniques that defraud. cheat and steal.

Your application, and the infrastructure upon which it is built, require a secure environment to keep it safe. To achieve this, we use proactive and reactive measures that keep your code away from prying eyes, tucked safely away in the cloud. We are committed to the highest standards of application and network security when we design the architecture of your application. Here is a brief summary, and there is more detail on our Security Story page:

  1. Infrastructure Security – The security of our code while an application is under development is paramount in protecting your intellectual property. We have instituted precautions and practices that ensure the code is protected.
  2. Cloud Security – Our applications are built on cloud platforms secured by Engineyard, Heroku and Rackspace.
  3. Application Control – We always strive to achieve the highest quality in each of our deliverables, and we like to keep our clients involved in the development process all along the way.
  4. Data Protection – We use web-based hosting services for software development projects, which provide private, password protected, repositories for each of our development projects.
  5. Rugged Software Development – We achieve defensible design in our applications through the use of uncommon URL’s, role or identity based usernames, two layer authentication, limited log in attempts, and administrator alerts. We also apply intrusion barriers at the DNS, hosting, data, and infrastructure levels.
  6. Security Verification – We stay current with the latest security releases that let us harden applications to protect them against vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injection.
  7. Transparent Security – We monitor eSecurity Planet for current security news. And, the Ruby on Rails community is constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities, and share insights instantly. That helps us stay up to date on bugs, patches, and updates.
  8. Security Communication – Security issues that result from advancements in other software are usually fixed very quickly because there are so many folks with a vested interest in the security of their own projects and applications.
  9. Rugged Development – We value Software Quality over Security Products, Defensive Coding over Patching, Ruggedizing Our Own Systems over Waiting To Be Hacked, and Constant Monitoring over Periodic Testing.

Puzzle PieceOur application projects vary widely in scope, ranging from modest mobile and web applications, to very complex Facebook and enterprise systems. That is why we apply our security practices across the board. Every project, every application needs to be secure, and that need doesn’t change with the size of the project.

As a Rugged Developer, we want our software to be secure against attacks, interference, corruption, and random events. This state of mind defines who we are as a Strategic Technology Partner, and increases our value to our customer.

If you would like more detail, visit our Security Story page on the website, or contact us for the latest info on our strategies and processes for protecting your intellectual capital from concept through delivery, and ongoing support and maintenance after deployment.

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