Defensibility and Rugged Software

by PJ Christie

If you do a typical web search for Defensibility as it relates to software development, the dominant results discuss it from a legal perspective, which is interesting in some ways. But in terms of Rugged Software CabForward looks at the web application as defensible when it can stand up to malevolent attack.
rugged complexity
Consider the recent alerts surrounding the brute force WordPress attacks. Hackers know that any WordPress site is vulnerable if the /wp-admin.php page uses the standard admin username, then the hacker can hammer away with brute force on the passwords using commonly available tactics.

CabForward℠ software achieves the defensible design with:

uncommon url’s
role or identity based usernames
two layer authentication
limiting the number of login attempts
alerting the administrator

Beyond authentication even a simple web application has many vulnerabilities that can be defended against including at the DNS, hosting, data, and infrastructure. If your business is not defending the entire application, then consider a Rugged Software provider like CabForward℠ to create a barrier for you.

Why should I invest now in increasing the defensibility of my web or mobile application?

There is really no reason to delay the decision to be Rugged. We live by this Rugged Manifesto. Whether your business wants to invest early in the process, or re-develop critical pieces of your business technology, there is an easy business case to be made for reducing the risk to your operations.