Discovery Sessions

We find that your project runs more smoothly and error free when you take advantage of the CabForward℠ Discovery Process. Most application development efforts result in cost overruns and unexpected costs. This is the result of assuming that the intricacies of an application are understood by the owner, and that the underlying details can be correctly conveyed through too-broadly-defined User Stories, as the owner understands them.

Time and material costs for projects are often estimated by non-developers who don’t possess deep knowledge of what is actually involved in creating polymorphic tables and interactions between the various components of an application. This results in cost overruns, wasted time in development, and stress on the relationship of the developer and the partner.

We have found that one of the best initial investments our clients can make is to engage in a whiteboard planning session with a small team of software engineers and designers to get their idea fleshed out, discover how to streamline the application and speed development. The Discovery Process often saves thousands of dollars during the development phase. A few thousand dollars invested in sitting down with developers and designers to gain clarity can save you several thousand in the development stage.

Whiteboard Planning Session
This full-day session is facilitated by a member of CabForward’s℠ leadership team who is an experienced senior level developer, one or more User Interface (UX/UI) Designer(s) who is able to interpret the needs of the end user and estimate the time involved in creating the User Experience Design, one or more Senior Developer(s) experienced in a variety of development tools, languages, and integration techniques, who is able to estimate the time involved in creating the back-end structure and scalability of the application.

The facilitator acts as a Strategic Technology Partner, who is able to view your application from a customer advocate perspective, ask questions to help you clarify why certain functions are desired, and whether they are appropriate for a Minimum Viable Product.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is typically deployed to a small group of customers, such as early adopters, who are typically more forgiving, more likely to give feedback, and able to grasp a product’s potential from an initial release. The MVP is a strategy to avoid building features that customers don’t value, and seeks to maximize the information learned about the customer per dollar spent.

For more detail on the CabForward℠ Discovery Process see Discover User Stories