Elements of App Launch Strategy

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There’s no way around it. You can have the best app in the world, but the way a product is brought to market determines its success. We understand that small companies have limited budgets, and therefore need product development to be cost effective and done right the first time. That’s why when it comes to launching an app into the marketplace, the CabForward℠ team focuses on three key elements of app launch strategy: DevOps, Product Marketing and Support. Let’s take a look at each of these, and how they fit within the Launch process.


DevOps is a software development method that prioritizes, among other things, communication, collaboration and automation between software developers and other IT professionals. It gives equal priority to software development, quality assurance, and IT operations. With this method, we work in sprints, providing continuous delivery and iterations to clients, multiple times a day.

To gather real-world data, we release early versions of a product to beta testers, allowing us to track how users access and move through an app, as well as fail points and places where they become confused or drop out. This early feedback is a key strategy to avoid building products and features customers do not want, a principle of Lean Software Development. It also helps us create the best user experience, which is a competitive leg up in the fast-paced marketplace. With each new release, we are able to fine tune a product to our clients’ specifications, as well as to the markets’ needs.

In addition, as development progresses, simple processes become increasingly automated, predictable, efficient, and secure. This is known as Rugged development. The benefits of this incremental, data driven approach are faster time to market, reduced development costs, and products that are built right the first time.

Product Marketing

Our Product Marketing services come into play when a product is ready for release. Getting a product noticed involves a mix of strategic marketing methods. With this in mind, we perform a range of services that include the following:

  • Website Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market Penetration Analytics
  • Customer Development

We begin by creating a website that is search engine optimized and follow up with social media marketing to increase brand recognition and product awareness, draw a crowd to the website, and build a buzz around the app.

Then, with Market Penetration Analytics, we’re able to measure the overall effectiveness of our marketing strategies. This gives us insight for planning and course correcting to boost sales, as well as evaluating and predicting the market’s ever changing needs.

Finally, with Customer Development, we uncover a better understanding of our client’s target customers, thus allowing us to further fine tune the app, and create a more perfect product.


Last but not least, support is another one of the key elements of app launch strategy. We don’t disappear once a product is out in the marketplace. This is the point at which we become a strategic technology/product partner, ensuring the product’s health and performance remain viable to consumers. Information gathered from the launch helps us to continue tweaking and supporting the product.

In addition, new capabilities and functionalities continuously evolve on the web, so to secure a long life cycle, an app needs to be continually updated and maintained. With Rugged development and support, as described in “DevOps”, the app is secure, reliable, and easily maintained as conditions evolve on the web.

Rather than being reactive, we take a proactive approach to software support. This begins with monitoring user behavior and app performance during beta tests, as well as the launch itself. In short, we support the product at every step along the way. If there are issues with usability or performance, we are able to quickly modify software components to eliminate flaws, improve its execution or adapt to changes to the market, or real-world requirements.

CabForward can provide your product with ongoing dedicated support and improvements using Rugged practices and Lean disciplines. This proactive support is invaluable to maintaining a healthy product and avoiding reactive, costly and embarrassing predicaments.

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