Entrepreneur leverages custom web app to improve customer service

Luscious Garage is committed to cutting edge technology, both on and off-board the automobile. A new kind of hybrid vehicle service facility focusing on the environment and customer convenience. luscious_garage


Luscious Garage is an environmentally conscious hybrid auto repair specialist founded in 2007 to serve the San Francisco area. Committed to cutting edge technology, both on and off-board the automobile, they wanted a web-based application that would eliminate the voluminous paperwork required in the repair garage business and improve communication with their technology savvy customers who were owners of hybrid technology vehicles. The solution was a proprietary multi-tenancy software application that provides a customer portal where owners can access their vehicle’s records, schedule appointments, view repair recommendations online, and authorize next steps for maintenance, while in a secure online environment.

Business Situation

As technology continued to evolve, the original platform upon which the software solution was built became outdated. It became apparent that an overhaul of the entire proprietary web-based system was necessary to incorporate current, more efficient, tools and techniques. The new custom web app would also need to be scalable to allow for additional repair facilities to be added to the system, and, perhaps, be suitable for the commercial market.


Luscious Garage had previously used local agencies and freelancers to do ongoing patchwork to the original platform, but had consistently experienced cheap and slow and mediocre quality. They tried to locate development agencies through referrals and online research. But, the project wasn’t big enough to be of interest to some. Their search continued for, “Who will accept a smaller project, but still have the professionalism of a very large agency?” Their criteria: A professional third-party entity referral, then, Competence, Price and Speed. That’s when they found CabForward℠.

Technical Results

The new application is a web based tool which allows auto shop owners, staff, and customers to track jobs, maintenance recommendations, allow customers to receive updates, job status, and approve or deny work from any web browser. It is a multi-tenant Ruby on Rails application with liberal use of jQuery and Backbone, and is mobile capable.


Luscious Garage is now able to provide a much more expansive and responsive customer portal to their technology savvy clientele, and the application is mobile enabled, scalable, and able to be easily and inexpensively maintained as technology continues to advance and third-parties enable their applications to communicate directly with the vehicle.


CabForward℠, as its name implies, encapsulates what Luscious Garage sought. They had very specific goals for their application, and needed a development partner with the professionalism of a large agency, at a cost they could afford, and deliver their application without undue delay. The CabForward℠ development process again allowed the project to be driven by our customer. They had a laundry list of things they wanted to get done, and we were able to meet and exceed their expectations.