Mobile App Launch


Product Launch

Small companies have less time and money than big brands. Therefore, it’s even more important to identify your unique value proposition and capture customers in interesting and arresting ways. Having a great product is not enough. How you take it to market can determine success. CabForward℠ can provide a customized and cost-effective approach that consistently gets results for small to medium sized companies.

History is replete with great products that failed. The better mousetrap analogy doesn’t always hold true. Competing with established brands requires the right combination of strategy, tactics and implementation. Rely on us to build the plan that will help make your product successful.

Product Marketing

When it’s time to announce your product to the world, our product marketing team will provide you with services to aid penetrating the market and getting your product noticed. We want you to be successful! Some examples of our services include:

  • Creating your product’s website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market Penetration Analytics, and
  • Customer Development

Product Assessment

CabForward provides support services to evaluate your product’s effectiveness, marketability, and acceptance in the marketplace. This is a follow-on service to minimum viable product validation. These assessments are conducted on an agreed upon periodic basis to provide user input into enhancements for future product releases.

Product Monitoring

We can proactively monitor an actively deployed application for operating system updates and dependent service changes. The Internet is evolving all the time, and new releases in other applications may affect the effectiveness or security of your application. This service is particularly essential for mobile applications.

Product Support

You want your product’s health and performance to stay viable in the marketplace for a long life cycle. That means that it will have to be updated and maintained as new capabilities and functionalities evolve in the web. CabForward can provide your product with ongoing dedicated support and improvements using rugged practices and Lean disciplines.

We don’t disappear once your product goes live.  We are your strategic technology partner and are with you for the long haul. Your product is key to your success, and you’re going to want to keep it healthy and performing at top availability.

Rugged is all about building your product for top performance while being able to be secure, reliable, and easily maintained as conditions evolve on the web. You need this proactive support for your product because you don’t want to wait until it breaks to fix it.