Lean Process

Posted by Larry Vaughn on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 09:37 AM

Lean Customer Development

CabForward’s℠ lean custom application development services include a mix of proven processes to help you implement cost-effective applications designed to make your business run more efficiently. Our pre-built, tested, open-source frameworks get your customized applications up and running with unparalleled speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness and results in significant cost savings over traditional “waterfall” software development methodologies. We share those processes that have proven so successful here on this site.
Lean Dialogue
The Lean Process we use eliminates waste through practices such as selecting only the truly valuable features for an application of custom software system, prioritizing those selected, and delivering them in small batches. It emphasizes the speed and efficiency of development workflow, and relies on frequent and rapid feedback between developers and our customers, resulting in quick response to changing needs.

Communication between our development team and the customer is extremely important to both of us, so we have made our project management practices as transparent as possible. We have turned the process around, putting the customer in control. As we like to say, we put the customer in the driver’s seat. They steer the project, slow or pause as needed, and resume when ready.

Lean uses the idea of work being “defined” via customer request. It focuses decision-making authority and ability on individuals and small teams, which research shows is faster and more efficient. Lean focuses on the efficiency of team resources, ensuring that everyone is productive as much of the time as possible, concurrent development, and the fewest possible workflow dependencies. Lean also employs automated unit tests written at the same time the code is written. The result is faster, more cost-effective, project delivery.

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