Lean Software Development

We employ agile and lean methodologies very aggressively at CabForward℠. Our customers drive our solutions as we build them. We ask “Why?” a lot, because we believe in partnering with our customers to build pragmatic solutions that scratch an itch. We don’t like to build just to be building something.

We will sit down with you to sketch out what your vision is, identify who your customers are, and what you believe they need. We’ll need to discuss timeline and budget, of course. Moving forward, we’ll want to have several touch points throughout our engagement. We don’t believe in progress meetings, per se, but, rather, short sprints, to make sure we’re tracking your needs, and you’re seeing what you want as we develop your application.

We push for transparency and short spin cycles.

A robust discovery process can separate good prospects from great investments. Everything from financial history and projections, to sales and marketing funnels. From business plan to market traction. We agree that sound financial discovery is key to determining the success of a prospective venture. But, what about the internal view? What about the vision, the people, and the alignment of internal operations? Poor internal strategy, operations, and even culture can cause even the best investment to suffer market loss and ultimately lengthen or reduce potential ROI.

CabForward’s℠ Lean Dialog program addresses these concerns. For this series of sessions, our investor partners join this discovery dialog which walks a prospective venture through a series of business model discovery sessions. Lean Dialog explores a robust view of internal alignment including value mapping, research and communication strategy, and sales and marketing systems alignment, allowing a new dynamic perspective.

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