Let’s Go For A Drive

CabForward’s℠ Mission To Add Value

When building out a new concept, the “Lean Canvas” is the simplest way to thoroughly test new ideas. The Leanufacture program is a process we are taking for a drive. We are currently on our first iteration, allowing you, our partners, to walk the journey with us. Our mission is as that of our business, continuous evolution. Development is not a step in the process, development is the process. We welcome our partners’ feedback at all times, helping us learn as we grow. It is CabForward’s℠ mission to add value and reduce waste when developing your software vehicle. The number one goal of Leanufacture is to help our partners determine their minimum viable product, reducing the need for bulky expensive software. We are dedicated to learning your business model, your mission, and your client, to develop the best fit software for your business.
For your start-up, we build a custom vehicle. On your development kick off date, you get the ‘keys’ to the vehicle, designing along with our development team. You can view your dashboard, including project metrics and work-in-progress, all from the comfort of the driver’s seat. But, what about passengers? As our design and development team are concerned with the form and function of the vehicle, the Leanufacture team is concerned with who will be riding in your vehicle. We are dedicated to building a custom software solution with the health of your business in mind. So, to that end, the Leanufacture team is charged with the task of matching your custom features to the needs of your clients.