Maintainability – a Rugged Attribute for CabForward℠

cab Lần cập nhật cuối: 27 Tháng Chín, 2022

We have some outstanding developers here at CabForward℠. Professional software engineers who can think outside the box to develop new approaches to old problems. One of the efforts underway on our team is to create development practices that result in rugged software. Rugged to us means building an application that is more than just a program. It can protect itself and heal its own wounds. This is going to be increasingly important going into the future as evil doers develop more sophisticated attack programs to find vulnerabilities in software.

One very important aspect of all software in the future is Maintainability. In engineering, maintainability ( is the ease with which a product can be maintained in order to isolate defects or their cause, correct them and meet new requirements, while making future maintenance easier. Often, maintainability involves a system of continuous improvement; learning from the past in order to improve the ability to maintain systems, and improve reliability of systems based on maintenance meeting

For software engineers, maintainability is going to fork out into an additional level of application self defense. We’re already working on that. Within the lines of code that define an application, will be routines that can monitor the behavior of programs and establish a set of rules or parameters of normal operation. Then, when something outside the norm happens, the software knows what actions to take, based on what next steps are engineered into the code system itself.

This isn’t new thinking, its just future-focused thinking. LiveScience published a great article on this back in 2009, and referenced a 1957 series where this concept was used in the story line.

We’re looking forward to the challenges ahead, and moving toward the practical development and maintainability of really smart software that improves every day living for all of us.
For more information on making your software more Maintainable, and more Rugged, call the experts at CabForward℠ at 512/693-4142.

Ask us for more information on Rugged Software Design!

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