Oil & Gas Professionals Need Mobility

YPS-Job-SS We built an inventory and supply chain mobile application for Oil & Gas professionals who needed more time in the field.


An end-to-end B2E (Bulldozer to Executive) software solution that enabled the operations of an oil field services company. From time and fleet management to Purchase Order and invoicing, this system was built from the ground up to be a multi-tenant system that could be used by other oil field services businesses.

Technical Challenge

The oil and gas industry comprises hundreds of professionals, consultants, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and others, all of whom had their work progress slowed by the paper intensive process of delivering purchase orders and waiting for fulfillment. It was perceived that the process could be streamlined by converting the process to a mobile application combined with a web app.


CabForward‚Ą† was engaged to develop the first Minimum Viable Product that demonstrated the efficiency of the solution, and then proceeded to enhance the application as it was being tested in the field. While it was being used to improve the process flow on the job, it also enabled faster response times for supply chain management and inventory.


Streamlining of the supply chain management system made it much easier to order, track and fulfill needs in the field, gave professionals more productive time in the field by enabling many functions to be performed digitally, and made overall work flow much more efficient.