Partner Experience

While CabForward℠ is a young company, we’ve been doing software development since 1981. Our first programming machines were the TI 99 4/A and the KayPro portable. (You can see these in museums today).

We’ve seen dozens of programming languages come and go over the years. We’ve seen the old Project Management process replaced by a newer, faster, cheaper, lean and agile application development methodology. We embrace Lean and Agile processes, and leverage our software development backgrounds to deliver excellent applications for our customers.

We primarily use Ruby on Rails to develop our solutions. Of course, Javascript (preferably jQuery) and other libraries often find their way into our solutions on an as needed basis. Cucumber, RSpec, Git, Engine Yard, Heroku, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Refinery, iOS . . . these are all tools that we employ to develop outstanding applications that provide state of the art User Interfaces to improve the overall User Experience.

EY Partner Logo 021712Engine Yard designated CabForward℠ a Development Partner back in 2011. The crew here at CabForward℠ is very pleased to receive this recognition of our development expertise. This designation is of value to our customers in that Engine Yard’s Development Partners are carefully selected to ensure they have a deep understanding of the Rails ecosystem, cloud deployment, create innovative application solutions, and demonstrate an outstanding commitment to quality in every customer experience.

In recent months, our focus in the ruby and rails communities have been around resilience, risk, and ways that organizations manage their risks. We’ve became fully invested in the thought leadership of the Rugged Software movement and have begun to build out our own rugged culture, complete with software best practices and methodologies. As we have committed to being rugged, we strongly believe we have to do rugged. We are betting that the highest value proposition we can offer is through providing rugged software that will stand the test of time.

CabForward’s℠ crew has years of experience developing custom web applications for large and medium size enterprises, and for the public safety sector. Our applications are used by thousands of satisfied end users. Web application software should be highly scalable, highly available and highly secure. It should proactively scale to demand and defend itself against attack. If your app goes down, you’re losing business; and losing business is never good business.

If you’re looking for Rails application development expertise, CabForward’s℠ crew is the right choice. Whether you are looking for a full service web development agency to design and support your application, just need help with your Rails implementation, or want onsite Rails training for your staff, let us partner with you.

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