Software is Eating the World

Business Reasons for Open Source Software Are Changing

Software is Eating the WorldOpen Source Software Continues to Eat the Software World. In fact, a recent study indicates that eighty percent (80%) of businesses embrace open source software over closed-sourced proprietary software. It used to be that price was the most important reasons businesses selected open source, but that is rapidly changing.

Matt Asay of ReadWrite reported last April that open-source software, once used primarily because it was cheap and “good enough,” now gets top ranking for delivering high quality, as found in the latest Future of Open Source survey.

Security and Quality Are Top Reasons for Using Open Source

Why do businesses prefer open source software? The fact that it’s usually free can be an attractive selling point, but that’s no longer the primary reason for most companies. Instead, security and quality are the most commonly cited reasons. Open source provides stronger security than proprietary software and also offers better quality. In fact, according to PC World, eight out of ten companies today are choosing open source based on quality.

7 Reasons to Use Open Source Software

The benefits of open source software are many, varied and, widely accepted. While not an exhaustive list, here are seven primary factors:

   1. It’s free to use in most situations.
   2. It has stronger security than proprietary software.
   3. The quality of open source is greater than proprietary software.
   4. You can customize and innovate as much as you want.
   5. Having many sets of eyes on the source code means security problems can be spotted quickly.
   6. Anyone can fix the bugs.
   7. You’re not reliant on a vendor, not locked in to proprietary standards, and not left with an orphaned product if the vendor decides the product is not profitable.

While lowering costs remains the top reason companies elect to develop open-source projects, they also now view open source as a way to drive innovation, shorten time to market, and improve the quality of their software in a secure framework developed by their Strategic Technology Partner.

Innovation Drives Disruption

Open source is examined by thousandsInnovation has become the norm today. Innovation means changing the way things are done, and that often means developing new software to drive it because there isn’t anything already out there. Today’s innovative entrepreneurs are more collaborative and sharing, preferring access to goods and experiences, and open to new concepts. Early adopters of ideas tend to be early adopters of innovation that often completely disrupts the current way of doing things. To take a look at some of the disruptive projects we have completed in recent months, check out our portfolio page.

Ruby on Rails

CabForwardSM is Ruby on Rails in Austin, and one of the leading mobile custom programming companies in the area as well. We like Rails because it is a platform which is optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It’s our favorite because it lets us write error free code more quickly, which reduces the end cost to the customer. Couple that with the quality and security aspects we discussed earlier, and you can see why open source software is so attractive to business.

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