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One of your greatest challenges to getting your idea for a product planned is understanding what is happening in the marketplace today. Discovering the features your product needs and developing a strategy for production and release is key to your success.

CabForward can help! We know about current technology trends like open source, cloud computing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and customer development. We understand how all these fit into TIDE in the R&D age: waves of disruption in our business and personal lives fueled by advancing technology, which empowers innovation, and fosters entrepreneurship.

In our product discovery sessions we facilitate collaborative identification of User Stories to help you uncover the business case, product concept from minimum viable product to production release, and key success factors in formulating a roadmap for transforming your idea into a product. The focus of this service is to help you better understand the right product to build.

Minimum Viable Product Validation

This effort is a short, quick, intensive, and focused product release designed to learn more about a product’s fit for market need, usability, and technical feasibility. You might think of this as being like producing a rough prototype of a toy to see if children play with it. New information that is valuable to overall product development initiative is gathered from your beta testers that produce outcomes such as initial prototypes, idea validation, or technical proofs of concept.

This user research helps us understand why users make the choices they do and how they use the product in their environment. Results of this research serve as input that help you and our designers understand user behavior. We continually analyze the user experience so we can respond more effectively to user needs with informed and innovative design solutions.

Lean Startup

How to get started? We can help you understand and apply the enterprise leanstartup framework. This framework supports experimentation, using concepts developed by one of our Advisory Board members and author of Lean Canvas, Ash Maurya. The result is validated learning and growth in identifying your unique value proposition, audiences, channels, and key metrics. CabForward℠ was a lean startup, so we can share a lot of insight and experiences with you. Use this link to request a copy of our free Startup Guide.



CabForward is an Engine Yard Certified Training Partner. We have the chops to help your development team learn Ruby and Rails right there in their comfort zone.  We will come to you and set up training in your shop with the latest Ruby and Rails training. The standard course provides two days of Ruby orientation and instruction, and three days of training on the Rails framework. We can also customize our standard classes to accommodate your team’s needs.