Supply Chain Security Assessment App

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Supply chain planeSupply Chain Security Management today is increasingly important to profitability, and the challenge of every business is to increase diligence and efficiency to a level well above average.

Business Situation
A global supply chain security consulting company that provides intelligence and security recommendations through individualized assessments. This company has a large force of experts in the field to provide their services and needed to increase efficiency. Manned with a clipboard and printouts of extensive lists of factors to be examined to do a proper security assessment, the field representatives visit sites, observe security and safety practices in place, conduct interviews, photograph areas of concern, and aggregate all the information into a written report for the customer.
One of the biggest obstacles to getting security measures instituted, is the paperwork process itself. It is very time consuming, and requires great attention to detail in structuring a cohesive set of recommendations. It can take weeks, once the information is gathered, to get the report ready to submit to the customer.

What was needed was a way to improve accuracy and expedite the reporting of recommendations. Through development of mobile capabilities for their field agents, the company would be able to conduct their inspections, collect intelligence, and report recommendations much more quickly. Using a tablet-based mobile application, agents would be able to research questions or issues related to security, take photographs, conduct and record interviews, dictate notes, and assemble the information into report form, which could then be sent as a digital file to appropriate personnel or repositories.

The application was developed on the iPad platform with a web based backend. The application allows the field agent to receive by wifi a template of questions for the type audit they are performing. The template may include true or false, multiple choice, or text fields, and in any combination. The assessor can take the table with them, conduct the audit, associate photos, video, sound bites and notes with individual questions. After the on site assessment, the agent can organize their report with any additional comments and recommendations, and send the entire report as a digital file to the customer or other appropriate channels.

Technical Results
The application is a web based tool which is deployed on the iPad platform and interfaces with a web app backend report system. This type security application could be easily modified for additional platforms, and has commercial possibilities for companies wishing to customize the application for their own use.

The application enabled field representatives to discard their clipboards and extensive printouts, and do their research using a compact tablet that doubles as camera, video recorder, digital recorder and note pad. It also speeded up the ability to associate photos, videos and sound bites with the appropriate question, and aggregates all the appropriate information into a single digital file that can be transmitted over wifi to the customer or appropriate database.

CabForward, as its name implies, encapsulates what the customer sought in a development partner. They had very specific goals for their application, and needed a development partner with the professionalism of a large agency, at an appropriate cost, and deliver their application without undue delay. The CabForward development process again allowed the project to be driven by our customer. They had a laundry list of things they wanted to get done, and we were able to meet and exceed their expectations.

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