Digital Product Support

“The life of your product doesn’t end after launch. CabForward supports your product with updates, new feature development, and ongoing strategic planning for the evolution of your product. Our iterative approach to Support delivers on our promise of maximum visibility and control. As your product matures, we work with you to improve overall performance.” – Lance Vaughn, CEO

Ensure Your Product’s Success with our Support Services

Very few software development shops support the products they build. This can leave the product owner in a precarious situation. Product Support is one of the ways CabForward stands out from the crowd. We provide support for digital products built by us, as well as products built by other teams. We strive to be your strategic product partner for the long term, supporting your product’s health and performance, so that you can focus on other important business matters.

When we release an app into the wild, it will be current with all the latest techniques and security safeguards. But software is no longer a build-and-release business. The nature of cloud computing and constantly changing mobile device landscapes require ongoing, proactive support. No one will know your product as well as we do, and no one can provide better ongoing support. We continuously monitor it for security, reliability and performance, while monitoring it for health, performance, and required updates.

With our Support Services you receive access to both business and technical specialists spanning web and mobile applications without having to hire in-house staff. Our support team understands mission critical situations and how to work in live production environments with discipline. Not only do we understand your app, but we also understand you and strive to support your long-term goals.

Benefits of CabForward Product Support

  • We’re passionate about product quality and unparalleled service. 
  • We provide proactive support to maintain health and performance of your product.
  • We provide real-time reactive support to address issues as they occur.
  • We make your product rugged so that it is secure, reliable and maintainable.
  • Our developers retain knowledge of your code base to assure continuity.
  • We make your product beautiful so your customers keep coming back.
  • Our designers continuously recommend user experience improvements.

Partner with Us

We refer to our customers as partners. We are strong believers that a partnership creates a healthier relationship than that of a standard client-vendor arrangement. Our Product Partnership Agreements make certain that our digital product support objectives are aligned with yours. We believe this agreement is essential to setting the tone for a positive and rewarding partnership. 

Continuous product improvement

Our support plan is scalable to fit your business needs. Your Support Manager serves as your advocate and proactively monitors the health and performance of your product. Issues are brought to your attention via email, text or phone, depending on the level of severity. We send at least one email per week with product health status. We also have monthly standups to review findings and recommendations. This process keeps our team close to the product, keeps you informed, and your business interests protected.

Small feature and usability enhancements can be performed under this plan, upon your prior approval. Our focus on building long-term relationships means you have a strategic product partner who is passionate about finding solutions to ensure your product goals are met.

Call us today! (512) 693-4142, or click the button below to put our team of digital product geeks to work for you. Our skilled support team has the ability to quickly and efficiently target issues and create lasting solutions.

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