TIDE Disruption in Home and Business

Plen2 Humanoid RobotWe are continually amused and delighted by the digital transformation in home and business that we see coming to market as we continue the discussion about TIDE . . . Technology, Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship. It’s all about how technology has evolved to enable entrepreneurs innovate and disrupt how everyday tasks are accomplished.

Here are just a few of the changes that are happening right now:
Plen2, shown above, is an adorably cute humanoid robot that’s small enough to live on your desk, entertain you by dancing, help out by carrying small objects, and even copying some human movements. It’s also open source and 3D printable! The Plen team is also working on developing apps for remote-controlling Plen2. The firm is aiming to ship DIY kits and complete bots to backers later this year, starting in August or November, depending on which kit/bot you’ve ordered.

Rethink Robotics, maker of Baxter, brings Sawyer, a new little robot brother to market. Baxter, the robotic arm with a smiling face can be taught to do simple, repeatable tasks like placing certain items in a box over and over again. Sawyer is a smaller, lighter Baxter with a higher-precision hand and can be used for tasks that require significant agility and flexibility. Together, Baxter and Sawyer can address up to 90 percent of manufacturing tasks that cannot be feasibly automated with traditional solutions.

The TrackR Bravo is a Bluetooth-powered device that keeps track of things you’d hate to lose. A bit taller and thicker than a quarter, the new $29 aluminum TrackR is meant to be stuck on your keys, in your wallet or on your dog’s collar so you can track it via map in a corresponding app.

The Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus combo might just change your mobile computing habits to eventually make up the bulk of your computing life. Just like a tablet/smartphone combo was a common duo over the past few years, a smartwatch/tablet-phone/phone-tablet/phablet (?) duo could be the optimal setup for working on-the-go in the future. The iPhone was perhaps the first proof for many that a lot of general computing could be handled without having to reach further than your pocket. The Apple Watch will likely offer a similar realization.

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Amazon limited permission to test and develop drones within strict rules and regulations. The federal agency was not as enthusiastic about Amazon’s drone ambitions, forcing the company to test its projects overseas. To use the drones stateside, Amazon must abide to several rules including keeping the drone under 400 feet and operate only during daylight hours. The technology is simply outpacing regulation and the government agency is struggling to keep up.

Android Auto is now available on Android 5.0+ and Pioneer Head Units. This also marks the beginning of support for third-party Android Auto apps, which Google is now making available on Google Play. Native apps from Google include Maps, Music, and voice commands, as well as some third-party apps. Android Auto is designed for easier reading on a car’s infotainment screen, and for interaction via steering wheel controls, and via new voice commands.

TIDEAnd, the changes just keep coming! CabForward℠ is very much involved in empowering digital transformation and disruption of the old ways of getting things done, as we architect digital applications for home and business today, and in the future. Contact us today about your idea to change things!

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