TIDE of Change

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Web Finger 800X600Inevitably, in the digital app development world, CabForward℠ is involved in a lot of discussions with budding entrepreneurs about ideas for new products that could potentially change lifestyles, even entire cultures, around the globe. Digital transformation pretty much goes with the territory. Often those ideas are detailed and examined close up in a Discovery Session, where the idea owner meets with a team of our world-class application architects behind closed-doors to discuss features and the Minimum Viable Product.

It is our involvement in these many discussions that we have become aware of what our founder, Lance Vaughn, terms TIDE, the four factors that portend disruptive change: Technology, Innovation, Disruption, and Entrepreneurship. Within this TIDE discussion are the seeds of change, sometimes quickly unseating incumbent market leaders, sometimes advancing lifestyles to a whole new level. Goodyear Tire, has recently revealed a new concept automobile tire that could dramatically advance society’s adoption of the electric car by eliminating the vehicle range anxiety that many motorists have with electric cars.

Goodyear Concept Tire smlThe tire uses special materials to convert heat energy, generated by the friction of the tire as it rolls across the ground, into electricity. This tire could be the Minimum Viable Product that launches a new segment of the marketplace! It could be the “new thing” that enables the automobile manufacturing industry to convert from fossil fuel to electric technologies. It’s another example of how Entrepreneurial thinking takes advantage of new Technology which enables Innovation, and often leads to Disruption. Will it be successful? We won’t know for some time. But it is certainly exciting to think about its potential! Read more

Disruption is the name of the game today. It’s everywhere, and affecting our lifestyles in many ways. In the second annual Disruptor 50 list, CNBC features private companies in 27 industries whose innovations are disrupting the business landscape. These forward-thinking upstarts have identified niches in the marketplace that have the potential to become billion-dollar businesses. In the process, they are creating new ecosystems for their products and services and unseating corporate giant incumbents in their industry segment. You can see the entire list, and read much more about each company here. Here are the top ten:

1. SpaceX – The company that wants to send you to colonize Mars.
2. Warby Parker – Taking on the Luxottica eyewear machine.
3. Etsy – A big voice for small artisans.
4. Motif Investing = Building theme-based portfolios online.
5. Palantir Technologies – Silicon Valley’s CIA operative.
6. GitHub – Cracking the code on collaboration.
7. Aereo – The company TV hopes will die.
8. Moderna Therapeutics – Reprogramming cells to fight disease.
9. Spotify = The most controversial act in music.
10. Uber – The 21st-century taxi service.

Many of these names are already familiar. Others not so much. But, the fact is, they are changing our lifestyles, sometimes advancing slowly and methodically, testing and adapting as they probe the marketplace to understand the best paths to take. And, as you learn more about each of these disruptive companies, and watch their maneuvering to gain market share, it becomes ever more clear how accurate the TIDE concept is in describing the changes we see around us. Engage us in exploring your idea for changing the world. You need a digital transformation agency with the know how to help you create the right tool for the right market.

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