Whiteboard Session Deliverables

Whiteboard Session Deliverables

Here is what you can expect as deliverables from your day long CabForward℠ Whiteboard session:

1. Background; a detailed statement of the minimum viable product description,
2. Objective; an objective statement of the final application,
3. Scope; a detailed statement of each component of the Minimum Viable Product,
4. Constraints; a listing of technical constraints involved in the development of the MVP and final application,
5. Assumptions; a detailed listing of assumptions made in describing the Scope and Deliverable,
6. Report; a comprehensive listing of User Stories defined in the Discovery process,
7. Deliverable; a detailed technical description of all aspects affecting the development of the final application, and,
8. RFP; a Request for Proposal form you can use to solicit bids from providers of your choice. All required information will be included in the RFP, so you can simply attach it to an email.

Avoid Waste

team meetingCabForward℠ prefers to err on the side of caution when entering into a relationship, by requiring our partners to engage in a carefully measured approach to planning their project. This enables us to help you avoid wasted development time, unexpected cost overruns, and undue stress on the relationship. By sitting down with our team of developers in a Discovery whiteboard session and exploring the detailed, behind the scenes, intricacies of your application, we can protect your investment by helping you understand the true probable cost of your project.

Whether you select CabForward℠ to be your development partner, or you just want a clear understanding of what is involved in production of your application to obtain quotes from various developers, our Discovery process will provide you with all the tools you need to manage your project confidently, knowing in advance, the details of the development effort. Just give the information to your selected developer, and watch the magic happen. No worries, no frustration, no stress.

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